I’ve been visiting and surfing Sri Lanka for about 10years. Living here, on the south coast in Midigama around 5 years now. Things have changed so much since the country’s civil war ended 6 years ago in 2010, but I can’t help get the feeling that Sri Lanka as a tourist destination is only just starting to find its groove. And as a surfing destination, Sri Lanka is about to bust some serious moves…

For visitors to Sri Lanka there are now almost infinite options, the number of surf accommodation and dining options in and around Midigama has tripled in the last two years, with many of those being high-end offerings. The tourist entertainment industry has grown from whale watching tours (Sri Lanka has an abundance of blue whales) and elephant safari’s  to Tuk Tuk Tipple Tours, chartered yachts, jetskis for rent, branded clothing, boutique villas and even a flying boat.
As for the surf, the south coast of Sri Lanka is littered with waves. The whole coast from Hikkaduwa to Unakura Point is protected by inshore reef systems, which provide a myriad of surf options. Many of which are undiscovered, unnamed and only ever been surfed by turtles. There are groomed conditions every morning in surf season November – April, the water temperature is always around 28 degrees Celsius, and there have been no grey-suited people eaters (aka sharks) spotted as of yet. It’s a surf destination primed for greatness. 
For any surfer where to base yourself is key – proximity & variety.  While somewhat biassed (full disclosure – I live in Midigama) there is good reason why this small surfing village is growing – both literally regarding the number of rooms and the buzz around the place. 
There are six surf spots a 5-minute walk, and another six a short 10-minute tuk-tuk ride away. This variety on offer makes it perfect for surfing crews of mixed levels; you can ride laid-back long boarding left-handers at Lazy Left and a few hundred metres hit up Rams Right and its fast barreling right. Midigama has you covered, and some. 

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