Inspired by this tongue and cheek blog post entitled “Annoying questions travel agents are sick of hearing at parties.”
The question (and answer) from the writer Matt Castell made a lot of sense to me. There is more to planning a holiday than just accommodation and flights; there are expectations, different (often conflicting) needs in the travelling party and a desire to soak up the very best from the time away. We believe having a Travel agent assisting you is invaluable while having a travel agent on the ground where you are visiting is even more so – especially if you want to know the best places for lunch, a drink at sunset, romantic dinners, pizza… the list goes on. The best thing is – in most cases, this expertise never costs you any more than booking direct. Surely the question is…Why wouldn’t you?
 “Whats the point of using a travel agent when I can do it myself?” 
“Listen, dude; we’re not here trying to win your business. I’m sure the industry will survive without your annual booking to Las Vegas for a boys fling. I’m sure you can do it yourself. Know what else you can do yourself?

Make a sandwich – been to Subway?

Carry boxes – hired a removalist?

Tell time by the sun – own a watch?

We live in a world where people are short of time and want things done right. The funny thing is that for you to use all of the services above you would pay an extra premium. Most Travel Agents charge the same or less than online competitors, so in conclusion – you’re a chump for doing it yourself.
So next time you’re at a party, a restaurant with a communal dining table or stuck in an elevator with a Travel Agent think twice before asking these recycled questions. We’ve heard them all before. Instead, ask for our business card and get in touch the next time you need to book a trip – we’re amazing”
You can read the full article here 
So next time you might find yourself squinting at Google maps to figure out how close a hotel is to the surf, overwhelmed by the share number of options with little to differentiate them or chasing half a dozen hotels for replies … remember we are here to help 🙂

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